Company news

The results of the first CfD auction were announced by DECC today – see them here.

Iain Robertson, our Generation Sales Manager, said:

“The fact that so many independent generation projects took part in and have been successful in this auction proves they can compete with the big players who still generate most of the UK’s energy. The competition these smaller developers bring to the market is clearly helping to ensure a good deal for consumers and helping meet the UK’s energy needs.”

“The savings achieved on onshore wind – the technology of choice for most independent renewable projects – highlights the important role it is continuing to play in delivering green energy for the UK at lower cost.”

Future certainty now vital to encourage more competition

Iain said that better visibility over the size of the next CfD allocation round was now important to help encourage more ‘energy entrepreneurs’ to look to invest in UK energy.

“For independent developers, greater certainty about the long-term availability of funding for renewable projects is vital to help them prepare for the future. The costs involved in planning new projects and taking part in the CfD auction process are significant, particularly for smaller developers who haven’t got the deep pockets of the major power companies.