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In light of current debate around decreases in wholesale energy prices not being passed onto consumers, we believe it is important to highlight that many business customers can and do benefit from falling energy prices already.

At SmartestEnergy we separate energy and non-energy pricing to ensure customers have visibility about the price they pay. At the time a customer transacts SmartestEnergy will offer a price based on the wholesale market. With our Fixed product customers opt for stability and having agreed their electricity price on contract signing, benefit from price certainty for the duration of their contract.

Customers on our FlexiBase product choose when and for what duration to commit to their energy plans and we provide the best price we can based on the wholesale price. Consequently, these customers are able to take advantage of the falling prices which sparked this current debate.

The business market is more customer-focused than the domestic market and any debate on energy prices should focus on the true issues rather than take “broad brushstrokes”.