SmartestEnergy Powers Inaugural London Green Film Festival
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Today marks the launch of the London Green Film Festival, which is powered by 100% natural renewable electricity sourced by SmartestEnergy

The inaugural London Green Film Festival commences today at Regent’s Place, with the premier screening of ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ – a documentary that provides a blueprint for better living and a healthier planet.

The 10 day festival is fully powered by 100% natural renewable electricity sourced by SmartestEnergy; electricity which is backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin  (REGO) certificates and sourced directly from wind, solar and hydropower projects, providing zero Scope 2 emissions (0 gCO2/kWh).

As sponsors of the event, SmartestEnergy will be powering the large-format screen and all on-site activities. This renewable electricity commitment echoes the festival’s ethos and showcases the importance of zero-carbon energy procurement, which Regent’s Place has implemented for the wider campus all-year-round.

In commenting on the green credentials of the event, Juliette Morgan, Head of Campus said, “A key part of our vision at Regent’s Place is to work towards being one of the most sustainable campuses in London, which is why we are so delighted to partner with the San Francisco Green Film Festival (SFGFF), to introduce the London Green Film Festival. This has given us the opportunity and platform to champion environmental issues.”

Regent’s Place, is a busy work and social hub located between King’s Cross and the West End. This event partnership with the renowned San Francisco Green Film Festival, will provide a free-to-attend series of films during the festival period (17 – 26 July 2019). The festival aims to explore environmental issues through a series of innovative and thought-provoking documentary screenings.

The festival will champion both British and international films. From exacerbating melting ice caps to the exponential use of single use plastic, seeing 8 million tonnes dumped into the ocean each year, people are more concerned than ever about looking after the planet for generations to come.

Visiting the London Green Film Festival will be the perfect way to pause on a busy day and reflect on topical issues. Films will be shown daily at lunch time (12.30pm) and in the evenings (6pm). Attendees can lounge on deck chairs to enjoy the warm weather and experience the outdoor cinema with a difference. Family films including Wall-E will also be shown on the weekend, offering the perfect opportunity to get children interested in these prominent matters.

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