Company news

Along with the rest of the renewables industry, SmartestEnergy is disappointed with the announcement about the early close of the Renewables Obligation scheme for onshore wind and reference to further changes to the Contracts for Difference scheme.

We believe onshore wind is an integral part of the renewable mix required for the UK to become a low carbon economy. It is also clear that onshore wind creates jobs and empowers local communities, offering economic growth and local energy supply.

This decision will affect a number of projects in development, so it is at least pleasing to see some allowance being made for projects where many hours and much money have already been invested. But the impacts of this decision will reach wider than just the onshore wind industry. The UK competes with the rest of the world for investment funding and investors will likely think twice before investing any further in UK renewables due to the risk of government intervention.

We will continue to work closely with and provide support to the many onshore wind projects currently in the pipeline to help them to secure their subsidy before the window closes.