SmartestEnergy digitise PPA with new online portal, SmartFlex
Company news

SmartestEnergy have launched the next phase of their technology-based approach to Power Purchase Agreements with a new bespoke online trading portal, SmartFlex.

The Next Generation Energy Company have digitised their traditional FlexiPPA product, to enable generators to have more control over how and when they sell their power. With SmartFlex, generators can track the market, react to price opportunities and trade instantly at the click of a button.

SmartestEnergy have responded to the changing needs of their customers and collaborated with Dutch firm, Jules Energy to customise their JuleSmart platform, which allows customers to manage their market position online, instead of having to call the Hedging Desk to trade their volume.

Jules Energy are renowned for their expertise in providing innovative web-based solutions for active energy participants across Europe. They have provided a bespoke platform that allows SmartestEnergy to enhance their customer experience with a ‘self-serve’ online portal, enabling customers to manage their positions and hedge volumes at the click of a button.

VP Sales and Marketing, James Graham says, “the launch of SmartFlex is really exciting for SmartestEnergy. This online trading platform has allowed us to start digitising our product offering so we can provide a better user experience for our customers, both on the generation and supply side. We’ve launched SmartFlex as part of our enhanced FlexiPPA product, with a view to gradually digitise all our flexible products. The real benefit for customers is that they can self-serve. The platform will give them access to live pricing, position management tools and the ability to instantly transact online, everything they need to be able to react quickly to changing market conditions. It’s simple and easy to use and something that will help them become more engaged in the wholesale market and ultimately create more value from their energy assets. Whilst SmartFlex is a comprehensive solution, our customers will still be able to access the continued support from our team when they need it, the best of both worlds”.

For more information about our Digital FlexiPPA, visit our dedicated webpage where you’ll find all the product features and benefits and more information on our online portal, SmartFlex.