SmartestEnergy provides commercial services to 25MW Tynemouth battery storage project
Company news

Independent supplier/aggregator SmartestEnergy is providing the commercial services for the operations of the Tynemouth lithium-ion battery storage project developed in Newcastle by multinational power utility Enel.

Under the contract, SmartestEnergy will supply energy to and handle the offtake from the 25MW battery. SmartestEnergy will also provide services to support the four-year Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) contract which the standalone battery project has secured with National Grid.

Angus Widdowson, Business Development Manager for Asset Optimisation at SmartestEnergy, said; “SmartestEnergy is excited to be working with Enel on the Tynemouth battery. As one of the largest battery projects in the UK, the Tynemouth project will have a positive impact through reducing grid operation costs for consumers and enabling increasing amounts of renewable generation to come online.”

Widdowson adds; “SmartestEnergy is currently working with a number of other battery storage developers on potential agreements, helping them build viable commercial models to unlock value from their assets. As technology costs continue to fall we expect to see more projects commission and look forward to working with businesses on both the supply and demand side as the sector continues to grow".

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