SmartFlex records its first trade with long-term Scottish generation customer set to maximise revenues across multiple sites
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Owners of a portfolio of wind and hydro assets on the West Coast of Scotland switched to a SmartestEnegy’s Digital FlexiPPA and were the company’s first customers to trade using its new SmartFlex trading portal

SmartestEnergy has worked with the Lithgow family since their 10MW Allt Dearg Wind Farm was commissioned on Christmas Eve 2012. This renewable generation site is located on the West Coast of Argyll, Scotland, in an exceptionally windy location. Its 12 high-performing Vesta V52 turbines produce 10MW of renewable energy and benefit from annual capacity factors of up to 55%.

The Lithgow family have gone on to commission other successful wind and hydro projects. Along with Allt Dearg Wind Farm, they have moved four hydro sites – Inver, Ormsary, Cretshengan and Druimdrishaig – onto SmartestEnergy’s FlexiPPA product, enabling them to leverage opportunities in the wholesale market and make trades online via SmartestEnergy’s new SmartFlex trading portal.

James Lithgow, Partner, says, “We are leveraging our Flexible PPA to secure future prices in a form and timescale that balances our lender’s appetite for risk against the market opportunities of a shortened discount for uncertainty. With Allt Dearg’s high performing wind turbines, and our constantly flowing hydro schemes, we are using SmartestEnergy’s SmartFlex trading portal to respond quickly to market movements and maximise revenues.”

Angus Widdowson, Head of Smart Generation at SmartestEnergy says, “We’re delighted to transition the Lithgow’s multiple generation sites on the West Coast of Scotland onto our recently enhanced FlexiPPA product. We have worked closely with them to onboard five of their renewable generation sites onto our online trading portal, SmartFlex, and we’re optimistic that the market is starting to pick up following the impacts of COVID-19”.

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