'Net Zero Week' Festival 2021

Welcome to 'Net Zero Week' Festival!

Whether you're joining us as part of our virtual audience or visiting our offices on the 22nd July, here you will find the seminar agenda and speaker line-up. You'll also find the presentation slides and video recordings here after the event.

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Seminar agenda

Our agenda is jam-packed with expert industry speakers from Aviva PLC, Baringa, Grid Edge, JLL and Marubeni. The sessions will be chaired by Editor of The Energyst Magazine, Tim McManan-Smith, starting at 11am-5pm.

11:00: How can businesses leverage Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology?
Speakers: Jim Scott, Chief Product Officer at Grid Edge

11:45: Case study: Accelerating net-zero at Aviva
Speaker: Lee Preston, Sustainability Lead, Aviva PLC

Aviva demonstrates its commitment to tackling climate change by energy conservation, procuring green electricity and looking for innovative ways to generate renewable electricity on-site. This talk will discuss how Aviva transformed an energy intensive call centre to our first certified net zero building and provides insight on what we doing next.

14:30: Renewable landscape and the value of Corporate PPAs
Speaker: James Constable, Senior Manager, Baringa

15:00: Case study: Ratchetting up renewable credentials towards net-zero at JLL
Speaker: David Mead, Utilities Service Line Manager, JLL

JLL set an ambition 2030 net zero carbon back in 2019 and recently achieved their target of 100% renewable electric for their UK estate, JLL’s service line managed for utilities, David Mead, discusses their journey so far and the role that renewable energy plays – from generic renewables, to named type, to named farm, and their future ambitions for additionality

15:30: What is needed in the business electricity and renewable generation market to achieve net-zero?
Speakers: Robert Buckley, Cornwall Insight

16:15: Breakouts

Breakout A: SmartFlex online PPA trading platform with Jack Rankin, Senior Originator, SmartestEnergy

Breakout B: Collaborating with our TPI partners on the journey to net-zero with Ashley Armitage, Channel Development Manager, SmartestEnergy

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Speaker Line-up

Tim McManan-Smith, Editor, The Energyst

Jim Scott, Chief Product Officer at Grid Edge

Jim has worked in cleantech and renewable energy technologies for his whole career working across a variety of generation side sectors and on energy efficiency projects for commercial and industrial consumers and for municipal districts. Jim holds a MSc in renewable energy engineering and a PhD in operations research. In 2017 he co-founded Grid Edge Ltd as Chief Product Officer. Grid Edge provides data science and machine learning software to consumers that help them deliver their decarbonisation strategies, from efficiency to flexibility. Jim builds products that empower energy consumers to foresee and act on the opportunities available to them through the energy transition.

Lee Preston, Sustainability Lead, Aviva PLC

Lee is an experienced and passionate environmentalist, with 23 years of industry experience working within large automotive and financial FTSE 100 corporations. At Aviva, Lee has so far helped drive an 76% global carbon emission reduction, versus a 70% target by 2030 through many energy efficiency projects. Lee is also a qualified lead ISO 14001, ESOS and ISO 50001 auditor.

James Constable, Senior Manager, Baringa

James is a Senior Manager at Baringa specialising in strategic and commercial advisory, and operational excellence, with a focus on GB power markets. His work spans both distributed energy developers/operators/investors and large energy users. He has 10 years industry experience, ranging from successful leaderships of energy start-ups, through to senior leadership in a predominant VC-backed energy tech platform, and board level experience within a FTSE 100 utility. Most recently, James has led the commercial structuring of a large scale renewables development, and advised multiple corporates on their renewables and decarbonisation strategies.

David Mead, Utilities Service Line Manager, JLL

David Mead is Service Line Manager for Utilities at JLL and has a background in Environmental Policy. Buying energy for multi-party property portfolios has been a key responsibility throughout his 20 plus years advising clients. David has developed an understanding of how the power market is structured, and how to balance the constraints that creates with clients’ ambitions when it comes to buying renewables. During this time the ability to report to clients and sites on the source of generation has evolved, but still lags behind the expectations of general buyers. David is engaging with suppliers around the next challenges that Net Zero and additionality place on the products available to commercial users. Most recently David been contributing to the UKGBC Renewable Energy and Carbon Offset work group.

Robert Buckley, Cornwall Insight

Robert has nearly 30 years of experience in consulting and advising participants in deregulated energy markets. He started Cornwall Insight’s retail energy market work in 2004 including its market share and third party intermediary (TPI) surveys and has contributed regularly to Cornwall Insight courses and research, including the Energy Spectrum bulletin. From 1992 to 2003 Robert helped establish a leading TPI for medium and larger business consumers and before that graduated in economics at the University of Exeter.

Jack Rankin, Senior Originator, SmartestEnergy

Jack joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 as a Senior Business Development Manager working across the smart generation portfolio. Jack works with some of our strategic renewable trading portfolio and with owners of flexible assets to maximise value through the development of innovative contracts. Prior to joining SmartestEnergy, Jack spent six years working for Centrica in a variety of roles across long-term renewable origination, LNG trading and, mergers and acquisitions. He holds a BSc, MMathPhys (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Warwick.

Ashley Armitage, Channel Development Manager, SmartestEnergy

Ashley joined SmartestEnergy in 2018 as a Channel Development Manager. He is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with key TPIs, to deliver products and services that meet their customers needs. Ashley previously worked in a number of roles at Gazprom Energy which involved people management and leading on some of the largest TPI and Customer portfolios in the market. He also has a BA Hons in Marketing.