A Trusted Partner

Here at SmartestEnergy, we are always looking to build new partnerships.

Without an inhouse sales team we focus on our channel partners, working to build long-term partnerships. We believe transparency and trust are the keys to building successful partnerships and carry that value through all our interactions.

We are currently licensed for electric supply in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, with additional PJM and ISO New England states on the horizon. We offer fully fixed pricing in all areas served, and our highly experienced Channel Partner Managers are always happy to talk additional products and customized options!

Our Footprint

In New York we are contracting in all utilities, apart from Long Island. In Ohio we are currently contracting in Duke with new utilities being added daily. We are contracting in PPL, PECO, and all FirstEnergy utilities within Pennsylvania. Don’t see the utility you need? We are quickly moving into NJ, DE, MD, and IL with the New England ISO to follow.

Our Products

Our Fully fixed pricing is inclusive of energy and all components, providing protection against fluctuations in energy costs. Variable pricing tracks the market. A great choice if you’re looking to take advantage of changes in wholesale costs. Looking for something a little different? Our Pass-through pricing allows you to fix some components and pass-through non-commodity costs. We love feedback from our partners and are constantly working to improve the competitiveness and flexibility of our products.

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Our Service

We make it easy to do business with us! Our automated pricing and quote generation tool allows us to get you prices as quickly as possible. Electronic contracting makes the process smooth from customer to countersignature. We are always improving, look out for our Partner Portal launching soon which will allow greater autonomy between you and your customers.

Interested in partnering with SmartestEnergy or finding out more?

Matt Holleran

Office Phone: 315.498.1807

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Jessica Lopez

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Robert Chagnon

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Lorraine Barber

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Meghan Stevens

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Kris Spevak

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Stephanie Szklarski Rotondi

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Shane Peters

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Jordan Dialectos

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