Our 2020 success story amid a global pandemic

19 January 2021 – Syracuse, New York

2020 has been a year of exponential growth for SmartestEnergy US. The team has grown from to 20 to 35 employees across Trading, Sales, Finance and Operations. Highlights are included in the SmartestEnergy's Group Annual Report that launched last week.

SmartestEnergy US is now live in five states: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Illinois. We are also licensed in another three: Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

In the past year, the Sales team built relationships with brokers across all these states and we successfully went on to close our first sales in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey. We ended the year with 1,400+ active meters on supply and 423GWh under contract having significantly grown our retail customer portfolio throughout 2020.

We have recently signed an agreement with Green-e to launch our 100% Voluntary Renewable RECs product this year, laying the foundations to transition our customers to net-zero.

As new members of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), CEO, Andy Cormie attended the National Annual Conference and hosted a well-attended virtual 'meet and greet’. He also joined the Executive Roundtable with some of the top US industry leaders.

The US team continue to focus on expanding our Trading and Risk Management capability and growing our Retail Business function this year, both geographically and from a product perspective. We are currently working on entering ISO NE (New England) and applying for licenses in an additional five states (Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island).

Focusing efforts on new product development, we will also be introducing flexible, complex contracts with pass-through cost structures to further enhance our product offering.

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