SmartestEnergy’s Annual Report 2020

01 January 2021

SmartestEnergy’s inaugural Annual Report takes a look back at the highlights from a unique year, covering our global activities, increasing sustainability ambitions and our response to the new normal.

2020 saw the rise of the global pandemic, and with it SmartestEnergy worked to adapt quickly to the new landscape, enabling its international businesses to continue as usual from our own home offices, spare rooms and garden sheds! As well as covering a view of our business highlights throughout the year, we also report on our Smartest Balance initiative, which has been so vital to our employees during the extended period of remote working – with it we demonstrate we haven’t lost sight of our obligations to our employees during the pandemic; Despite our lack of physical interaction, we continued to ensure that our teams are sufficiently diverse to bring multiple viewpoints to our decision making, in the UK and across new international offices in the US and Australia.

Some highlights featured in the report include:

  • SmartestEnergy Limited in the UK launched its digital PPA product, supported by online trading technology, SmartFlex
  • SmartestEnergy Limited in the UK announced a Specific Renewable energy deal with Cambridge Colleges and Toucan Energy, with the university prioritising the procurement of local renewable energy from solar farms
  • SmartestEnergy US became members of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA)
  • SmartestEnergy Australia secured milestone deal with CEP.Energy for 400MW Battery Storage Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

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