SmartestEnergy US Enters ISO New England

On April 18th, 2023, SmartestEnergy US launched into the ISO New England region. Already serving the PJM and NYISO regions, this milestone comes alongside the company’s fourth anniversary on April 22nd.

Smartest will kick off New England entry in three utilities across Massachusetts and Connecticut: Connecticut Light and Power, United Illuminating and National Grid MA, serving medium and large C&I customers on fully fixed products. Smartest’s expertise in delivery of complex route to market products will be added by summer 2023.

Smartest US opened their doors for business four years ago and is now a powerhouse supplier. Chief Executive Officer, Andy Cormie says “Our amazing success to date is based on the partnerships we have made, the global backing we have and an enviable team of industry leading experts. We’re excited to build on these credentials as we take yet another step our growth and share our expertise, providing innovative energy solutions in the New England markets.

This is an expansion that we know is complex. But that’s why our model is realistic, our advice is unbiased and our innovative retail solutions are flexible. We know our stuff, experts in our field, but we’re human and relatable. The solutions we provide are intelligent – based on market insight, customer understanding and a practical, pragmatic approach to making things simple.

I can’t wait to demonstrate why the team we have built is perfectly placed to continue our growth, through partnerships that energize, empowering switched on consumers to make better energy decisions.”

The world and the US are going through unprecedented change, affecting the energy landscape as a whole and the sources that create our power. Cost, energy security and the push toward renewables from public and private sectors are changing the way we purchase energy. At SmartestEnergy US, we’re empowering a greener generation to drive a positive change in the system. Contact us now to see what we can do for you or your customers.