Three steps to make your company more energy resilient

Energy is a major material cost for most businesses and typically the largest source of carbon emissions. Chief Commercial Officer David Cockshott, discusses why organisations can no longer afford to be passive energy consumers.

Energy is a strategic priority for many large companies. This was historically because of cost but with the increasing focus on climate change, carbon emissions and energy security are now top of the agenda.

Many companies have seen energy efficiency and renewable...

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What does 2018 have in store for generator revenues?

2017 was the greenest year on record and 2018 could top this with even more renewable projects contributing to energy mix. But how are revenues shaping up? Following our recent webinar, Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, discusses the key trends and issues generators need to know for the year ahead.

While the major headlines around renewables are all positive, the financial landscape for independent generators is becoming increasingly challenging.

Revenues for existing projects are being...

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Energy market opportunities could strengthen the business model for Gas Peakers

8.3GW of gas peaking plants have been successful in the Capacity Market T-4 auctions over the last four years, but with the clearing price hitting a record low, gas peaker developers are revisiting their business models. Angus Widdowson looks at the revenue sources for gas peakers to maximise the value of their assets.

Traditional generation plants are being replaced by renewable generation sources as we strive towards a cleaner energy system, but with less baseload supply and increasing...

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Is your business embracing the supply chain opportunity?

CDP’s recent Global Supply Chain Report 2018 shows that more global companies are widening their sustainability focus to include the emissions from their supply chains. Michael Watts, Strategic Sales Manager, explains why businesses should embrace this opportunity to amplify their impact.

Many corporates have taken great strides with their sustainability ambitions over the past few years, particularly when it comes to reducing carbon emissions from their operations.

Renewable energy has been a...

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Webinar: What does 2018 have in store for generators?

Hear Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, discussing our upcoming webinar for generators.

In the webinar, we will cover:

  • Power prices and what factors are impacting them
  • Choosing the right PPA for your risk strategy
  • Key trends and issues to look out for in 2018

> Register for the webinar here

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Yet another Capacity Market auction clears at lowest price to date

After a three-day auction of fourteen rounds, the Capacity Market T-4 auction cleared at £8.40/kW, a significant decrease from last year’s £22.50/kW. Boz Bozhkov, Head of Markets, comments on the provisional results.

The Capacity Market T-4 auction closed yesterday at £8.40/kW/year, securing 50.4GW of capacity for Winter 2021/2022. Existing generation won the majority of this capacity.

The pre-auction price expectations from industry experts ranged from £25/kW/year to £17/kW/year, however the...

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2018: The year of subsidy-free renewables?

The UK energy system is evolving quickly and the landscape for renewable generators has changed considerably over recent years. With the reduction of subsidies and technology costs falling, will 2018 be the year that subsidy-free projects take off? Chief Commercial Officer David Cockshott shares his views on the year ahead.

The renewables sector is definitely starting 2018 on a high. 2017 was the “greenest year ever” according to National Grid and 13 different renewables records were broken...

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Capacity Market T-1 auction closes at lowest price yet

After a three-day auction of fourteen rounds, the Capacity Market T-1 auction cleared at £6/kW/year, the lowest price to date. Boz Bozhkov, Head of Markets, comments on the provisional results.

The Capacity Market T-1 auction closed yesterday at £6/kW/year, securing 5.8GW of capacity for Winter 2018/2019.

The final clearing price was higher than we expected, however it is still the lowest we have ever seen and surprisingly close to last year’s price of £6.95/kW/year.

We predicted the price...

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Top 3 areas to focus your sustainability efforts in 2018

Renewable energy is a key area for sustainable businesses to demonstrate action and leadership, but it can be a complex space. Ahead of the Edie Sustainability Leaders Forum next week, Michael Watts, Strategic Sales Manager, explains three crucial focus areas for the coming year.

When it comes to driving sustainable business growth, reducing your carbon footprint and using renewable energy are likely at the heart of your strategy.

There are many ways that businesses can embrace renewables, so...

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Sharing best practice with CDP and RE100

We are joining experts from CDP and RE100 to present two webinars this Thursday 18th January 2018, sharing best practice for purchasing renewable energy.

We'll be discussing why transparency is key for buying and reporting renewable electricity, highlighting our work with RE100 member Landsec (read their case study here) and highlighting opportunities for companies to amplify their impact through their supply chain.

Register here:

> Morning session - 9am

> Afternoon session - 4pm


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