Renewable energy is now providing more than 70% of the power to over 100 cities spread across the globe, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In total, 189 cities are using wind energy in their electricity mix, while a further 184 are using solar.

The CDP said that city governments were more nimble than national administrations and so were moving faster to capitalise on the falling cost of renewables.

The charity has produced a map showing which cities are making the most of renewables.

Strong political leadership

Examples highlighted by the GDP’s map include: Reykjavik in Iceland, which has harnessed geothermal energy; Burlington in Vermont in the United States, which is sourcing all its power from a combination of wind, solar, hydro and biomass, and hasn’t had to raise bills for consumers; and Basel in Switzerland, which requires new public buildings to source half of their heat and electricity from renewables.

Matthias Nabholz, Basel-Stadt’s head of environment and energy, said: “All you need is a clear goal and a strong political leadership – the population will support this decision.”

Cities in developing countries are also harnessing renewables, with Harare, Dar Es Salaam and Mazabuka all harvesting solar energy.

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