Solar panels and wind turbines are forecast to become more efficient thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), according to a new report.

Risk management consultancy DNV GL said that “machine learning” – through which computers study existing data instead of being specifically programmed to carry out a given task – will help to automate operations, making them more efficient.

The trend is expected in areas such as decision making and planning, condition monitoring, robotics, inspections, certifications and supply chain optimisation, as well as the way technical work is carried out.

Lucy Craig, Director Technology and Innovation at DNV GL – Energy, said: “We expect the installation of more sensors, the increase in easier-to-use machine learning tools, and the continuous expansion of data monitoring, processing and analytics capabilities to create new operating efficiencies—and new and disruptive business models.”

Robots and drones

The report’s predictions included:

● robots being used for remote inspection;

● autonomous drones for carrying out effective and efficient inspections of wind turbines and solar panels;

● and AI applications accelerating due diligence, reducing the time invested in planning and analysis.

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