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Securing finance for battery storage projects is “challenging” according to a survey by The Energyst magazine.

Nearly two-thirds of the 54 companies and public sector organisations that responded to the poll are concerned about revenues from battery storage.

Around half have worries over whether the UK Government will keep its policies stable.

Half of the companies are considering the installation of batteries, while three already have done so.

Payback expected within seven years

Three quarters of those surveyed think the projects will pay for themselves within three to seven years.

A third of those planning to install batteries will choose systems below 250kW in capacity, while another third are eyeing systems in the 250kW to 500kW range and a further quarter are considering 1MW-plus installations.

Around 20% will be standalone, while 30% will be attached to renewable energy devices.

SmartestEnergy’s ‘Making the commercial case for battery storage’ report last year looked at the issues and opportunities of battery storage.

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