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Telecoms giant BT has launched an assessment tool pilot as part of its drive to help suppliers improve sustainability.

The company is working with French firm Sagemcom, which manufactures the BT Home Hub device, to pilot the new tool which allows suppliers to measure their own sustainability practices – including approach to energy - against the best companies in the world.

The BT Better Future Supplier Forum’s Sustainability Assessor tool is based on a seven-step process that asks suppliers a series of simple questions concerning the company’s existing sustainability measures. The answers are then assessed and a comparison made with previously identified best practice case studies.

Recommendations on improving business practices

The Sustainability Assessor also provides recommendations on how the supplier can improve its business practices and gain competitive advantage over its industry rivals through an improved reputation as a good corporate citizen.

Sagemcom will be running the pilot programme with a selection of its own suppliers this month; to test the assessor’s results against Sagemcom’s own knowledge of the companies in question.

BT Devices and WiFi director Erik Raphael said: “This is a very exciting and important development that moves us a step closer towards ensuring supply chains around the world are embracing the most sustainable business practices possible.

“The Sustainability Assessor means we can extend the benefit and learnings of the Better Future Supplier Forum even further into our supply chain. This simple tool helps suppliers measure just how sustainable they are compared with the best in the world.”

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