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More than a third of business leaders do not see climate change as a concern, according to a survey by YouGov and Aston University in Birmingham.

While 38% aren’t worried, a further 41% only see climate change as a “minor” concern.

The findings come despite two-thirds of those business leaders surveyed agreeing that companies have a role to play in tackling global warming.
Yet only 7% of firms have adopted their corporate strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Education needed

Professor Dame Julia King, Principal of Aston University, said: “Climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the world today and it is clear that students and business leaders alike feel a sense of responsibility.

“What is also evident is that at present businesses are not necessarily prepared and equipped to respond to the challenge.

“Through education and career opportunities, we can harness this sense of responsibility to the benefit of both young people and future employers.”

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