BT, Ikea and Pepsi are among the companies that have signed up to Net Positive, a new project to put more back into society, the environment and the global economy than they take out.

The project, which was launched at the Sustainable Brands San Diego event, is also open to charities and public sector organisations.

The project has been launched by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global not-for-profit organisation that brings together 250 companies, London-based charity Forum for the Future and Gregory Norris, Co-Director of the Sustainability & Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) at the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

It arose from Net Positive Group (NPG), which was setup in 2013 by Forum for the Future, The Climate Group and WWF to develop 12 “Net Positive” principals and a measurement framework.

Guidance and support

Eric Olson, Senior Vice President at BSR, said: “With the recent adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ratification of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the need for net positive approaches is more urgent than ever.

“Business has a clear mandate to create sustainable technologies, products, and services that can help the world meet these goals.”

Norris added: “The Net Positive Project will provide guidance to companies in continually reducing their negative impacts or footprints, and it will give them support and direction in taking a restorative, generative path that intentionally grows the positive impacts or handprints that they create.”

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