Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General at the CBI, has called on the UK Government to unlock a “golden age” of infrastructure investment.

Speaking at the National Infrastructure Forum, Fairbairn said ministers had a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a “boom in infrastructure building, from runways and railways to energy and digital, not seen since the Victorian era”.

She said: “Today, technologies like solar and wind mean companies and communities are generating, storing and sharing power – seizing the opportunity of green energy.

“Looking to the future, government needs to give business certainty by saying as soon as possible what the investment framework will be beyond 2020.”

Risks to energy investment

But Fairbairn warned: “One obstacle is political and regulatory risk.

“Energy is the obvious example.

“Just as we’re asking business to invest huge sums, policies like price caps on energy, which are vague on detail but big on headlines, will create uncertainty, knock confidence, and risk deterring investment.”

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