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Britain risks missing its climate change targets following the UK Government’s “last minute” decision to end funding for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, according to a new report.

MPs on the House of Commons’ Energy & Climate Change Committee warned that the UK may now be unable to fulfil the promises it made at December’s climate change summit in Paris.

Angus MacNeil, the Scottish National Party MP who chairs the committee, said: “If we don’t invest in the infrastructure needed for CCS technology now, it could be much more expensive to meet our climate change targets in the future.

“Gas-fired power stations pump out less carbon dioxide than ones burning coal, but they are still too polluting.

Peterhead and Yorkshire cancelled

Following the UK Government’s decision to end its £1 billion support for CCS, the projects in Peterhead and Yorkshire have been cancelled.

MacNeil added: “If the UK Government is committed to the climate change pledges made in Paris, it cannot afford to sit back and simply wait and see if CCS will be deployed when it is needed.

“Getting the infrastructure in place takes time and the Government needs to ensure that we can start fitting gas fired power stations with carbon capture and storage technology in the 2020s.”

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