Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has claimed his party’s industrial strategy will help to build solar farms, wind farms and tidal lagoons.

In a speech at the EEF Technology Hub, the leader of the opposition attacked the UK Government’s record on renewable energy, including support mechanisms.

“British solar firms were hit by cuts to subsidies in 2015 and 2016 and changes to business rates for buildings with rooftop panels,” Corbyn said.

“Why did the government do this? To save a few pounds in the short term, yet it has cost us jobs and innovation.”

France and Germany outstripping UK

He said cuts to subsidies meant France is forecast to add five times as much solar capacity as the UK between now and 2022, with Germany adding ten times.

“Our strategy will help us upgrade industry to secure good jobs, win public contracts and compete on the international stage,” he added.

“It will focus on creating clusters to boost domestic supply chains to develop the virtuous cycle, where the success of one industry or company helps others.”

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