The Informer

Trade body Scottish Renewables has publishing a research paper calling on the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) to spend its £500 million innovation budget on six key areas.

Hannah Smith, Policy Officer at Scottish Renewables, said: “The UK Government’s commitment to double the spending on energy innovation to £500m over five years has the potential to drive dramatic advances in our energy system.
“Scottish Renewables’ new paper highlights the importance of the strategic allocation of these funds, and identifies six technology areas that have real potential to benefit from this funding, propelling British business to the forefront of a truly world-leading, next-generation energy system.

“Our world lead in tidal technology, for example, owes much to the continued development of onshore wind, with technology for the former deriving from decades of study into the latter.”

Six areas for focus

The six areas identified by Scottish Renewables are:

  • Wave and tidal energy;
  • Storage technology;
  • Floating offshore wind farms;
  • Low-carbon heat generation;

Integrating the way power is generating for the electricity, heat and transport sectors;

Introducing “flexible network” technology, such as demand-side response, increased interconnection and active network management.

“We believe developing an Energy Innovation Strategy to guide this investment would get the most out of every pound spent,” added Smith.

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