Major growth in electric vehicles could see electricity demand jump by up to 18GW by 2050 in the UK, according to the National Grid’s latest forecasts.

Electricity peak demand could be as high as 85GW in 2050, compared to around 60GW currently, driven by a number of factors including increase in electric vehicles.

The network operator’s latest Future Energy Scenarios report said there may be as many as nine million electric vehicles on roads by 2030, up from around 90,000 today.

It said car batteries could also provide services and return power for the grid.

Storage growth rising fast

Storage growth is projected to continue at a high rate to the early 2020s, driven primarily by technological progress and commercial factors.

“We see an increasing diversity of generation sources becoming available and technology driving growth in the future. Innovation in information communication technology (ICT) is allowing new opportunities to emerge such as residential and commercial energy generation, and smart devices that use and provide data to communicate quicker and easier than ever before,” said the report.

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