Turning “homes into power stations” could cut energy consumption by 60% and save the average home more than £600 a year, according to a new report.

Swansea University’s SPECIFIC Innovation & Knowledge Centre said the savings could be made if homes were designed to generate, store and release their own solar energy.

The centre has already created an energy-positive classroom using the idea.

The classroom combines an integrated solar roof and battery storage with solar heat collection on south-facing walls and, over six months of operation, the classroom has generated more energy than it has consumed.

‘Homes as power stations’

Kevin Bygate, Chief Executive at SPECIFIC, said: “Today’s report shows that households and the country as a whole can benefit if we design our homes to be power stations.

“The report is based on designs for the Active Homes Neath social housing development, which has just been granted planning permission.”

“The technology works, so what we need now is to build on our partnerships with industry and government and make it happen.”

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