The rising cost of energy is the main concern for 62% of manufacturers, according to a survey.

More than half of respondents to the latest quarterly survey by Npower Business Solutions (NBS) think UK Government should focus its policies on bringing down energy costs during 2017.

Brexit was the biggest concern for manufacturing firms, with 63% worried about leaving the European Union.

The effect that European energy policies could have on their businesses was a concern for 87% of companies.

Energy costs are ‘huge concern’

David Reed, Head of NBS, said: “Rising energy costs are understandably a huge concern for manufacturing businesses.

“Given that recent Capacity Market auctions have been unable to deliver baseload generation, costs – unfortunately – look unlikely to fall, so helping customers to use their energy more efficiently should be a primary focus of all energy managers and buyers as they go into 2017.

“Businesses can prepare for a range of outcomes by continuing to improve understanding of their consumption and emissions patterns.”

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