Companies that don’t have an “energy resilience strategy” are putting 17% of their revenues at risk, according to a report.

The impact from power blackouts for an average-sized business would be £2.8 million a year, the research found.

Alan Barlow, UK Director of Centrica Business Solutions which compiled the report, said: “There are reputational and financial benefits to an energy resilience strategy so it’s important that organisations make the right investments and take steps towards implementing a strategy.

“Back-up power systems provide protection against power outages, and batteries can provide energy in less than a second, mitigating the risks of temporary brown outs.”

Businesses are unprepared for grid failures

The report found that eight out of ten companies have experienced at least one energy-related failure in the past year, with almost one in four reporting damage to equipment as a result.

Yet one third of businesses said they were unprepared for temporary grid failure.

Barlow added: “Without an energy resilience strategy, organisations can only be as successful as their energy supply allows.”

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