Law firm Bircham Dyson Bell (BDB) has warned that the UK faces a growing shortfall between electricity generation and demand.

The firm’s Energy Crunch report highlighted the number of power stations that are closing and the amount of capacity that will be lost.

By 2030, the UK’s power generation capacity will have fallen by 18.6GW because fewer power stations are being built, the report said.

A total of 13.8GW of capacity has already been lost since 2012 due to closures, it added.

Still time to act

Angus Walker, Partner and Head of the Government and Infrastructure Department at BDB, said: “We have observed increasing concern in recent years that as old electricity generation comes offline, new power generators are not being built at a rate that is keeping pace.

“Our research establishes the hard facts of how serious the situation is, finding that on current projections this is likely to result in a shortfall between supply and demand – in summary an energy crunch.

“However, the research importantly also shows that there is still time for action.”

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