The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has called for an “open and transparent process” for assessing progress towards renewable energy targets.

In its written submission to the House of Commons’ Energy & Climate Change Committee’s inquiry into whether the UK can meet its 2020 renewable heat and transport targets, ICE expressed its concern over reports that the UK could miss its targets.

ICE noted internal Government correspondence that suggested a shortfall against the 2020 target of around 50TWh or 3.5%.

The institution said “affordability and security of supply are as important as decarbonisation”.

Early action needed

ICE added: “Effective and timely decision-making, with early action to rectify any projected non-achievement, is essential to address all three elements of this energy ‘trilemma’.

“Clarity and consistency is needed from Government in how energy policy will lead to achieving carbon reduction targets in the long term.

“To give confidence to industry and investors, a better framework for long term strategy is needed.”

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