The Informer

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has called on the industry, the regulator and the UK Government to “breathe life” into the “stunted” electricity storage sector.

In a new report, the ICE said that no significant grid-connected storage system has been commissioned for more than 30 years.

The report urged the industry to add more storage capacity to the national grid, with less than 3GW currently being available.

The report recommended exempting “bulk” storage units of more than 50MW from balancing charges to encourage their greater use.

‘Recognise the potential’

Philipp Grünewald, a Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute in the University of Oxford and one of the report’s authors, said: “Markets and regulation do not currently recognise the potential of electricity storage and need to adapt if Britain is to take full advantage of the technologies on offer.

“We have built a national electricity grid to deliver electricity from where it is generated to where it is needed.

“Electricity storage can help us in much the same way by moving electricity from when it is generated to when it is needed.”

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