Former Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint has accused the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) of ducking its responsibilities in its probe into the energy sector.

The Labour MP for the Don Valley said the watchdog had shown too much deference to the “big six” energy companies in its preliminary report into the power market.

She has written to the CMA calling on it to change its recommendations in its final report.

While she welcomed the price cap for prepayment meters, she wanted the authority to go further.

Time for CMA to ‘be braver’

Writing on the Politics Home website, Flint said: “The CMA’s decision to impose a price cap for those on prepayment meters is welcome, but is the least the CMA could do without doing nothing at all.

“There is still time for the CMA to be braver; to stand up for customers and for fair prices.

“I hope that the final report shows less deference for the Big Six; and ignores the steer by Business Secretary Sajid Javid, who urged the use of “market mechanisms” when he revised the terms of this inquiry.”

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