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Ministers failed to take new scientific evidence into account when drawing up their shale gas drilling regulations, which have now been declared “unlawful” by the High Court in London.

Mr Justice Dove ruled that the UK Government had failed to carry out a lawful consultation on its National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) by not taking into account new scientific evidence on fracking’s environmental risks.

A judicial review into the decision was heard in December following a challenge from campaign group Talk Fracking.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government said: “We note the judgment in the case brought by Talk Fracking and will now consider our next steps.”

Councils must consider climate change in decisions

Talk Fracking founder Joe Corré said: “Their consultation was a farce."

“Their written ministerial statement claim that fracking is a bridge to low carbon economy is not based on scientific evidence."

“It is also clear, with guidance from the court, that climate change objections to fracking must be considered at a local planning level.”

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