‘Future-fit’ energy policy framework urged by CBI

One of Britain’s biggest business organisations has called for energy to be put at the heart of the implementation of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

The CBI wants to see a “future fit” energy policy framework as part of a five-point plan to accelerate the strategy being put into effect.

“The case for investment in the low-carbon economy has already been won, now the challenge is to get on with the job,” said Michelle Hubert, the CBI’s Head of Energy and Infrastructure.

“But whether or not Britain has a clean, smart, efficient energy system in 2030 depends on choices taken today, so decisions to give investors certainty beyond 2020 now means there are huge, and exciting, opportunities for businesses and households in the future.”

‘Delivery, not delay’

The CBI warned against letting the strategy become overshadowed by Brexit.

Hubert said: “The economic rationale for Industrial Strategy is sound – four in every ten pounds spent in the UK is spent by the Government.

“So, it’s all the more crucial that business and the Government work together on a shared vision for our future economy at this crucial stage in the UK’s history.

“Now is the time to step up a gear – we need action, not words, and delivery, not delay.”

Five key areas

The CBI’s five-point plan also included:

  • building the third runway at Heathrow airport;
  • further rail improvements, including HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail;
  • a digital communications strategy;
  • and a diverse housing market.

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