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The amount of energy demanded by customers is poised to outstrip the amount that can be supplied by power stations during the early months of 2016, according to the Centre for Policy Studies.

In a report published by the think tank entitled The Great Green Hangover, energy analyst Tony Lodge said Britain is on the verge of an “energy crisis” following decades of mismanagement by successive governments.

Lodge calculated that the UK had lost 20% or 15.4GW of capacity over the past five years.

He said the UK’s average “dispatchable” capacity would be left at 52.36GW by the end of March 2016, compared with National Grid’s forecast for demand of 54.2GW.
Cut carbon taxes

Lodge called for the UK Government to avoid further power stations closing by abandoning its carbon taxes, which he said were three times higher than in other parts of Europe.

In a recent blog Rupert Redesdale, Chief Executive of the Energy Managers’ Association (EMA), also said that a “vast number of trained energy managers” were needed to help with solutions such as large-scale implementation of dynamic demand.

“The EMA is helping to train them and the energy shortage will be fantastic boost to the profession, just don’t expect this to be in place next year.”

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