Government reassures on energy in wake of Brexit vote
The Informer

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has reassured the energy industry over the UK Government’s commitment to tackle climate change in the wake of the European Union (EU) referendum.
In a speech to the Business & Climate Summit in London, Rudd promised to deliver on the commitments made in Paris last December.

She said: “We made a clear commitment to acting on climate change. That will continue.
“Climate change has not been downgraded as a threat. It remains one of the most serious long-term risks to our economic and national security.”

Nuclear commitment
In her first speech since the Brexit vote, Rudd also said the Conservative administration remained committed to building nuclear power stations.

She said: “Government has prepared the ground for a fleet of new nuclear stations. Three consortia have proposals to develop 18GW of new power stations at six new sites across the UK.
“These will support more than 30,000 jobs across the nuclear supply chain over the coming years.”
Rudd – who was a prominent “remain” campaigner during the referendum – highlighted the amount of effort being put into nuclear research, including the development of “a small modular nuclear reactor”.

Climate Change Act ‘not imposed by EU’
She added: “The Climate Change Act in 2008 underpins the remarkable investment we have seen in the low carbon economy since 2010.

“The Act was not imposed on us by the EU.

“It was delivered with cross-party support by the UK Parliament. Leading Leave campaigners have made clear they remain committed to it.”

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