The Informer

Energy UK Chief Executive Lawrence Slade has warned that the UK Government’s “tinkering” with subsidies for renewable energy is driving away investors.

In an interview with The Independent website, Slade highlighted ten changes to energy policy since the Conservatives won the 2015 General Election.

He said that the prospect of a “golden age” of cheap and clean energy is being put at risk.

He called on new Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark to bring stability to the sector.

Brexit fears

Slade said: “All of this makes investors question just how secure their investment is and make them look at other markets.

“We’ve got this background and then Brexit comes along, which just casts another set of uncertainty into the equation.

“We need that long-term clear plan [from the Government], so that people can actually plan, invest and see a return, and we get a steady build-up of lower carbon technology.”

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