The Treasury should carry out a “green check” on all its decisions, according to the House of Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee.

MPs accused the Treasury of putting short-term priorities over long-term sustainability.

Such action potentially increases costs to the economy in the future and harms investor confidence, the MPs said.

The committee has produced a report detailing failures, including on carbon-capture and storage (CCS) and zero-carbon homes.

‘Riding roughshod’

Mary Creagh, Chair of the committee, said: “The Treasury is highly influential and uniquely placed to ensure the whole of Government works to promote sustainability. But we have seen considerable evidence that it fails to do this.

“The Treasury tends not to take full account of the long-term environmental costs and benefits of decisions which would reduce costs for taxpayers and consumers in the long run.

“On the CCS competition and zero carbon homes we saw the Treasury riding roughshod over departments, cancelling long-established environmental programmes at short notice with no consultation, costing businesses and the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds.”

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