Hopes for climate deal as COP21 enters final stages
The Informer

Politicians from across the world are meeting this week in a final push to try and agree a new compact on climate change.

Negotiators have devised the draft wording for a deal to tackle climate change at the United Nations’ (UN’s) COP21 summit in Paris.

The text will be debated and refined by environment ministers from 195 countries and territories who will try to reach a final agreement by the end of this week.

Ministers hope the 48-page draft will form the basis for an agreement to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate finance

Officials worked through the night on Friday to prepare the draft ahead of the deadline set by the French hosts.

Climate finance – through which industrialised countries will give money to developing countries to decarbonise their economies and cope with the effects of climate change – appears to still be a sticking point.

China, India and other large polluters have accused rich nations of dodging their responsibilities to hand over $100 billion a year from 2020.
But officials are more confident of a deal being reached than during Copenhagen’s failed talks in 2009.

‘Clean energy revolution’

Friends of the Earth international climate campaigner Asad Rehman said: “Real progress will only happen when rich nations stop trying to avoid responsibility for their huge historical contribution to climate change, and end their addiction to dirty fossil fuels.

“An agreement that doesn’t help poorer countries develop cleanly and deal with the impacts of climate change is not just immoral: it endangers all our futures.
“We need a deal that will unleash a clean energy revolution, and enable us all to be part of the solution.

“A meaningful agreement on tackling climate change will be judged by two things – is it rooted in climate science and is it just. Failing on either count is not an option.”

Meanwhile, a study published this week said that global emissions of carbon dioxide are likely to stall or even fall slightly this year.

Reduced coal use in China and greater uptake of renewables are among the factors cited.

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