Two organisations have launched a campaign to convince 1,000 cities to switch to using only renewable energy by 2040.

Care2 and Pathway to Paris want residents living in cities to petition their leaders on the issue.

Once residents sign the online petition, a letter will be automatically emailed to their city leader.

Martin Walsh, the Mayor of Boston, is among the public figures who have supported the project.

Bypass Trump

Randy Paynter, Founder and Chief Executive of United States-based campaign group Care2, said signng the petition was a way of dealing with US President Donald Trump’s lack of action on climate change.

Paynter added: “If we are able to get 1,000 cities to join the cause we will be able to fulfil the vision of the Paris Agreement and bypass our current administration and other climate deniers who stand in the way.”

Pathway to Paris is a collection of academics, activists, artists, innovators, musicians and politicians “coming together to fight for climate justice”.

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