Labour has said it will ensure 60% of the UK’s power will be generated using renewable energy by 2030 if it wins the next General Election.

Speaking at the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Shadow Secretary Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Secretary, Clive Lewis said his strategy would include carbon-capture and storage (CCS) and tidal lagoon technology.

Lewis said: “There’s a real danger, that without urgent action, the election of Donald Trump could mean ‘game over’ for our planet.
“It’s time for Britain to show leadership on one of the biggest challenges confronting humanity today – climate change.”

Following American and German examples

He added: “To deliver our mission we will use our National Investment Bank, network of regional development banks and our commitment to increasing public investment.

“In particular, we will: double government spending on energy research and set up an Advanced Research Agency, modelled on ARPA-E in the United States, to develop the technologies needed to meet this target.

“We will mandate our National Investment Bank to finance the energy-efficient retrofitting of buildings following the model of the KFW bank in Germany.”

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