Theresa May is coming under pressure to use her influence with Donald Trump to stop him from leaving the Paris agreement.

The heads of several environmental and development charities – including Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Oxfam and WWF – have written a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling on her to lobby the United States’ President.

“This is now the best chance humanity has to avert full-blown climate change, and may well be the last,” the letter said.

“A strong majority of people in the UK believe climate change is happening – they will be looking to you as the prime minister to champion science, moral responsibility and international cooperation.”

Charities divest fossil fuel investments

Meanwhile, a group of nine Roman Catholic charities in the UK, US and Italy have unveiled plans to sell their shares in coal, oil and other fossil fuel companies.

The move came ahead of the G7 meeting in Italy later this month.

Neil Thorns, Director of Advocacy at UK charity Cafod, said: “The announcement that yet more Catholic institutions are moving their money away from fossil fuels once again shows how the church is leading the way in the fight against climate change.”

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