A total of 12% of British small businesses are now generating at least some of their own power, a survey has found.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said solar panels were the most popular way for firms to produce their own electricity.

But it called on the government to do more to encourage the other 88% of businesses to follow suit and warned the UK risks missing its climate change goals without the help of small firms.

Some 86% of firms think the UK is too reliant on foreign energy imports, while security of supply is the biggest concern for 60% of companies.

Greatest transformation ‘since industrial revolution’

Mike Cherry, the FSB’s National Chairman, said: “The UK energy sector is facing the greatest transformation since the industrial revolution.
“But the whole system for incentivising and subsidising infrastructure lacks transparency, consistency, direction and ambition. It needs a strategic overhaul.

“The Government should produce urgently an updated carbon plan, looking specifically at small businesses as an audience.

“Without the input of an engaged and empowered small business community, the UK risks failing to meet its binding emissions targets.”

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