Only 29% of companies in the UK and Ireland have an energy strategy, a new survey has found.

Far fewer have specific targets or budgets in place to support their ambitions, with only 18% having targets for how much back-up power they’d need if their connection to the grid was lost.

The poll also found that 77% of businesses think they will generate one quarter of their power onsite by 2025.

Some 26% of businesses have already invested in solar and combined heat and power.

Firms need ‘actions, targets and budgets’

Alan Barlow, Director of UK & Ireland at Centrica Business Solutions, which commissioned the survey, said: “Many of the global challenges facing businesses – emissions targets, risk reduction and increased onsite generation – can be addressed through better energy management.

“But getting an energy strategy right is key to unlocking these benefits and achieving that ambitious 2025 prediction.

“Firms need to ensure that the energy challenges they have identified are covered in their strategies and have clearly defined actions, targets and budgets against them.”

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