MPs on the House of Commons’ Energy & Climate Change Committee (ECC) have called on the UK Government to follow the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC’s) advice when it sets its fifth carbon budget.

Ministers should include emissions from international shipping in the budget for 2028 to 2032 and work with international partners to produce a framework for aviation emissions, MPs said.

The Government should also set a power sector carbon intensity target of 100gCO2/kWh for 2030 to provide certainty for investors, the committee added.

Furthermore, MPs want to see the CCC analyse what further action is needed to allow the UK to meet its goals under the Paris Agreement.

‘Can’t afford delays’

Angus MacNeil, Chair of the ECC, said: “The UK can’t afford any further delays when it comes to replacing dirty power stations with cleaner forms of generation.

“Investors need certainty and setting a decarbonisation target for the electricity sector would signal the Government’s commitment to phasing out fossil fuels.

“Should the Government deviate from the CCC’s advice for the fifth carbon budget, we will be looking carefully for a robust evidence-base on any alternative level proposed.”

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