National Grid has predicted that the UK is likely to miss its 2020 renewable energy target.

In its latest 2016 Stakeholder Feedback document, the company said it had adjusted its “Gone Green” scenario, one of four possible paths it thinks the UK will take from now until 2050.

“Gone Green will not be forced to meet the 2020 Renewable Energy Directive target of 15% of UK energy consumption coming from renewable sources,” National Grid said.

“This reflects that although significant progress has been made towards the target, with 2020 only four years away it is very challenging to meet.”

Period of great uncertainty

National Grid added: “This is consistent with feedback from our stakeholders, which questioned the credibility of Gone Green meeting this target and is reflected in the summary of the Gone Green scenario.

“Gone Green will continue to meet the 2050 carbon reduction target.

“Further analysis will be undertaken and we will identify what needs to happen to reach the 15% target.”

The report said GB was in a period of “great uncertainty” over the future of energy.

“The economic, technological and consumer landscapes are changing at an unprecedented rate. Against this backdrop it is impossible to forecast a single pathway for our energy future over the long term. By providing a range of credible futures, we can be confident that the reality will be captured somewhere within that range.”

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