The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has published the latest versions of its network innovation strategies for electricity and gas.

The strategies highlight how up to £1.7 billion could be saved through the use of innovation by 2031.

It draws attention to the benefits of the projects funded through the Low Carbon Networks Fund (LNCF) between 2010 and 2015.

David Smith, the ENA’s Chief Executive, said: “Network innovation in our sector means that the UK is rapidly emerging as a world leader in developing smarter networks that build the foundations for our energy future.”

Consultations on strategies

Smith added: “The Electricity Network Innovation Strategy is not just about both ensuring that network companies are able to access the newest and most innovative services to do that; it is also about how networks are embedding a culture of innovation within their organisations.

“We want to ensure energy innovators are fully aware of the opportunities available to them and the consultation gives stakeholders the chance to help shape that process.”

The electricity consultation closes on 15 December, with the gas consultation closing a week later.

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