Network peak demand forecast to fall this summer

National Grid expects demand for electricity to be lower this summer than last year, continuing the trend seen in recent years.

The grid operator predicts that 2017’s summer minimum demand will sit at 17.3GW, 500MW below the weather-adjusted figure for 2016. Peak transmission system demand for this summer is expected to hit 35.7GW.

National Grid forecasts that 38GW of generation capacity will be available during week commencing 31 July.

Demand Turn Up

Phil Sheppard, Director of System Operations at National Grid, said: “For electricity, this summer we expect to see lower peak and minimum demands on the transmission system.

“To make sure we’re prepared, in February we completed a successful tender for the Demand Turn Up service, which offers opportunities for large energy users to voluntarily shift their energy usage in exchange for a payment.

“We dispatched this service for the first time in summer 2016 to help us manage periods when demand was low and generation output was high.

“It is just one of the tools and services we can use to balance the system during the summer.”

Surge in solar

A total of 139MW of Demand Turn Up capacity was purchased during the spring.

Bidders had to prove they needed the electricity for their operations so it wouldn’t be wasted.
National Grid said the increase in the number of solar panels on homes and businesses has led to falling summer demand in recent years.

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