The North of England could have an energy economy worth £15 billion a year by 2050, according to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

The think tank said 100,000 jobs could be created across the region.

Its Northern Energy Taskforce laid out its strategy for how the objectives could be achieved, including the formation of a new body called “Energy for the North”.

It called on local enterprise partnerships, mayors and other political leaders to form the new body.

From belief to conviction

The IPPR said: “The Northern Energy Taskforce came together with the belief that the energy sector should continue to be a fundamental strength of the economy of the North; not only continuing to power the nation in its low carbon future, but in innovation and demand management.

“Above all, in a region where fuel poverty is all too evident, the North can develop an energy system which meets the needs of all consumers, resolving the so-called “trilemma” of low carbon supply, security and price.

“A year and three reports later, that belief has hardened into conviction.”

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