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Energy regulator Ofgem has awarded £62.8 million to nine projects through its innovation competition.

The contest is designed to develop technology that will improve the UK’s energy networks through lowering costs for consumers and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The nine successful projects focus on smart networks and new uses of gas.

Further cash from the companies running the projects will bring the total investment up to £100m.

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Maxine Frerk, senior partner for distribution, said: “Ofgem’s innovation competitions encourage the companies to deliver a smarter network for consumers.

“Investments in networks have a real potential to connect more renewable generators, and enhance security of supply in a more cost efficient way.

“The nine projects receiving funding today show how new sources and uses of gas together with smarter grids can benefit consumers by making the energy system more secure and cost effective.

“As with all the projects we have funded we expect to see learning from these projects being shared across industry and are pleased to see many of the earlier projects now being rolled out across companies and delivering real benefits for consumers.”

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