Ofgem Chief Executive Dermot Nolan has warned the power industry not to waste time “quibbling” over the recommendations from the Competition & Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) investigation into its practices.

Instead companies should concentrate on implementing the recommendations, he argued.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Nolan said: “The industry now has got to deliver.

“I am telling them to get on with it.”

Small suppliers blast price comparison proposals.

Meanwhile, six independent suppliers – Bulb, Co-operative Energy, GB Energy Supply, Go Effortless Energy, So Energy and Zog Energy – have written to Energy Secretary Amber Rudd warning that the CMA’s recommendations would mean price comparison websites will only display deals from the “big six” suppliers that they’ve been paid to promote.

Luke Watson, Managing Director of GB Energy Supply, said: “If there is no requirement on comparison sites to show every available tariff then many suppliers will have no choice but to pay their fees, which can be as much as £70 per dual fuel, a cost that will be passed onto the customers through their bills.

“If the CMA remedies are crudely imposed by the government and Ofgem the market will be in no state to encourage more new entrants offering consistently good deals.”

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